My original shoot idea, the first of my thoughts. Black marble with rivers of gold splitting through whilst a beautiful woman stares through, shimmering gold earrings and goose feather. An image that holds your gaze, which allows you to explore and travel along the lines of curves. What is her story? What world is she from? A world of black and gold, or grandness, majesty and wonder. What is her story?

I want this shoot to be a jewelry showcase, with beautiful pieces mixed among them. Each uplifting and strengthening the message and concept. I have obtained a goose feather to put in the model’s hair. Purely for aesthetic effect, currently picking my brain for why I really want it there and what inspired its presence.

This shoot has a twin, this is the dark, the other is the light. I still need to lay out my ideas of what I’m going to shoot specifically, attempt to put thoughts on paper. Finding it difficult to communicate what exactly has inspired me, it feels like this idea came from thin air. Trying to find what inspired it and what can relate. My mind appears to be working backwards in terms with this project.

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