Like milk and gold. The lighter of the two, pure and spirit like. Well more ‘spirit’ like than its twin and a traditional sense. Trying to think angelic and innocent, but powerful and dangerous. Feather could be ode to angels and demons, the marble back drops a heaven and hell?

The gold could represent the power these beings have, elevate these models, powerful, mystical, a sense of grandeur, of hierarchy, of  presence, of majesty and height. Wonder in all senses, I must shoot as much as I can as often as I can. It doesn’t need to be related, as long as It gets me as comfortable in the shooting environment and with my camera as possible.  515099388a988bf04127e4a539962ad0

7b32f63ff18bc591b5241160c84b10d2 8f6c38c4cedf11f159b13435ac653249 8f8f808b051da2b79db33997d4c89583 771fdcf21d072a8167ba003c7e05f588 c1736ea8e33e76c3bc613bc9bf69ecbc ec515567af778ea78ecd7cf7a5b4e55b f0140d040fd39ba3daf40e0b46026a3f fa74f33f933a33f5f28338c605bd57fda1989e179145951b093cafe1297dd4f9 bb2f2a8dde43949917a540240439d61c ccaacaaa779a0c5d18fa78768b62730e


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